Accounting work placement

KBM will provide you with accountancy work experience. It is an ideal opportunity to gain the necessary accounting skills to confidently pursue a dream job in the accounting and finance sector. Our accountancy training will help you to resolve issues related to laws and legislation. Accounting work experience that you will gain from KBM will help you perform precision, recording, grouping, demonstration and examining organisation, industry or economic processes of companies.

Accountants have various organisational responsibilities to perform in a business operation; hence they are very significant for big and small businesses. As an accountant, they collect, maintain accounting, and financial data. These capabilities are important for any industry. Companies employ an accountant with proper learning and experience to handle all accounting and financial matters. Since accountants help in making management decision, so they hold a vital position in any company.

Accounting work placement in a Chartered Accountants firm

While on work placement, we will provide you with essential practical abilities to enhance your learning qualifications or courses and improve your employment aptitudes.

KBM has blended its accountancy learning programmes with guaranteed work placement, where you will work on the clients' original files. Industry certified tutors and highly qualified accountants will supervise and guide your work. It will allow you to get competence and proficiency in accounting tasks. The work placement will complement your existing knowledge and experience required to enter into an accountancy job role in the present job market. The practical aptitudes you will gain from KBM will bridge your knowledge gained through the classroom and accounting workplace.

Work placement is suitable for whom?

Our work placement programmes are very suitable for individuals who:

  • has no accounting experience
  • has the practical experience but outside the United Kingdom
  • are fresh to accounting
  • has computerised accounting ability
  • has basic accounting knowledge
  • have not been exclusively involved in the preparation of accounts

Reimbursement to you

You will gain the following outcomes:

  • Certification on training courses
  • References achievable from the firm
  • Achieve practical experience to harmonise educational qualifications
  • Free after training advice and support
  • Develop employment proficiency during the study
  • Develop management abilities like you are in charge of a small team
  • Interviewing skills and techniques to gain

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