Success Stories


Success Stories

It's incredibly rewarding when people take full advantage of the opportunities that NVQs and Apprenticeships offer them, often finishing the course even though there are many other demands on their time. Here are a few of our recent 'success stories'.

Taurel – Apprentice – KBM HR Department

imgLast year I was taking a gap year and I was contemplating whether I should do an apprenticeship or go to Uni, and this year is when I decided I should take on an apprenticeship from KBM. I was working at Tesco’s a couple of months back and a colleague of mine recommended KBM to me. So I applied online, called up KBM, came here for an interview, the interview went well and Umar brought me back here, for an apprenticeship opportunity. Good experience dealing with customers, dealing with your employers, dealing with candidates, helping other candidates get with employers for other job opportunities and it has really helped my communication skills. I decided to do an apprenticeship as you get on the job experience whilst still in education. Whereas Uni is mostly just education, and with this I get experience. So I wanted to be a manager at a big company like Nissan, possibly, Like by corporate companies like that are my aspiration to go to, and I think that going at this KBM apprenticeship will help me drive and push forward to get to that position.

Claire – Apprentice – KBM HR Department

imgMy time at KBM Training and Recruitment so far. Working with the people at KBM was not only fun and pleasant, but there was lots of learning as well. The management and directors enabled us to work freely in all departments and gave a chance on our views on projects and strategies. Most of the departments worked together as a team sharing knowledge and cultural values. Each day was full of work, meetings, fun, learning, reporting to the managers and the directors, e-mailing, taking customer queries . The team, the managers and directors really made me feel very welcomed as soon as I stepped into the building. There is a good & friendly atmosphere in this work industry and everyone works together especially when you are struggling with something and need help. The people working at KBM Group gave us a chance to take and make decisions, it benefit the company and its clients. Overall I would definitely recommend this company. A Thumbs up from me!!!!! Claire Hill

Aruba – Apprentice – KBM Training And Recruitment

imgIt was exactly what I was looking for, so I applied through my CV and within 3-4 days I got a call. I've gained a lot of skills a lot of knowledge and certainly a lot of confidence. with the apprenticeship not only you get to work, but you get to learn at the same time and at the end of the apprenticeship you would gain a certificate and you would gain qualifications, so you're earning whilst you're working. Whereas with university you would just sit down do your exam and later on once you finished uni and graduated you would apply for jobs. So I thought of course apprenticeship is the best way to go, as you are doing 2 in 1. I got a really good team that I’m working with and really supportive people around me and because of this I really enjoy it. I would love to take whatever I have learnt at KBM and take it with me in the future. So in the future if I work in a big company and earn good money, I know where to start and develop myself. I think KBM is the best place to start as they will give the skills knowledge and experience.

Hermella – Apprentice – KBM Work Experience In London

imgI was doing a traineeship at a place in Croydon, and they are the ones that introduced me to KBM. Well, before I was actually doing a work experience here so I've been doing that for 3 months now, and then after that they decided to keep me on as an apprentice. Well I learnt a lot of different communication skills as I've been working with EU students, like form Italy and France. Most after University don’t have experience working in the real world so I just thought that I might as well start an apprenticeship first and then go university after.

Lina – Apprentice – KBM Work Experience In London

imgI was looking for an apprenticeship and I was on the Indeed website so I applied, and then on the next day I got a phone call from one of the team members. This company especially will help me gain those skills and experience to be able to do that in my future.

Sama – Apprentice – KBM HR Department

imgI was applying for apprenticeships and then obviously KBM. My friends were doing apprenticeships, they were saying, you know; go for apprenticeships you don't want to go to Uni. so i was looking for apprenticeships on Indeed and the other job sites, anything like that. so i found this opportunity on Indeed so I just applied for it to be honest. The reason why I chose an apprenticeship over university is because people who go to university, I mean, they don’t gain that experience. In an apprenticeship you gain the experience, and you are working as well and you are studying, so you are gaining a lot of you know experience at the end of the day. You are gaining the qualification, you are gaining the experience. If I went to university yes I would get the qualification, but I wouldn’t get the experience. So I’m lucky that I’m gaining the experience that will be really helpful for me in the future. I hope to gain a lot of knowledge about business because, obviously in the future, I do want to open my own business and obviously it’s really hard to have your own business and its really stressful and some things don’t go the way you want them to go but at the end of the day its business, so yeah I’m learning a lot form it. If someone wanted to do an apprenticeship at KBM I would tell them to obviously be focused and honestly everyone gives you an opportunity here, everyone gives you a chance to do something that you weren’t willing to do at all and they will push you, but they will push you in a good way for you to succeed and everyone is family at the end of the day, as well everyone gets along.

Anushi - Marketing And Management - Queen Mary University

imgI found out about KBM, because they came to my careers fair and we interacted there and this is how I found out about the opportunities here. I was not too sure what was expected of me, because it's the first time I've done something in this field or of this nature, so it was quite daunting initially, but the colleagues out here were really nice so I settled in quite quickly. On a day to day basis I am involved in the planning and execution of text and email campaigns and this is quite interesting as a first year marketing student to be involved in the deep end of things, and being right there sending out and developing these campaigns which not many people get to do in their first year of their Marketing career. It's an interesting environment with colleagues that are quite friendly almost to the extent of being a little family down there in that room. Its quite dynamic in the sense that there is always action in the office, and there is always phone calls to answer and running around but it's quite fun, just to be in the thrilling environment that KBM provides. KBM is quite beneficial as it gives you experience in a different range of things, down from working on reports, from working on reconciliations, from working with the software skills and client facing skills. This is useful in any sector, especially the corporate sector, where client facing deals and transactions are most frequent. Experience in the field is more beneficial than a degree. A degree is a piece of paper at the end of the day. In quite casual terms you read through a textbook in university, you get module outlines, you get a test. You recite out knowledge onto the paper. It's all well and good if you can do that but in the real world if you don't have the experience to back it up you can't really go far in life. Which is why I'm quite happy to have had this opportunity at KBM and I recommend it to all of you.

Prerana – Trainee Accountant

imgIt is not like studying in university at all. It gives you experience about working in a business based environment. You learn so many things you can learn in a day in a book. If you just come here and practice alot.

Alisa – Trainee Accountant

imgI can also book in advance when I want to come, if something comes up, I can always cancel it and book it the next day. It is very flexible according to my time.

Natalia – Trainee Accountant

imgFor the program i had the chance to spend 8 weeks to do work experience with KBM. I learnt how to lead and manage with different program and various departments. I also got a chance to learn web designing, marketing and financial analysis. I will definitely recommend this training ever students.

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