Bulid your own training

This is a unique training program, suitable for all the candidates seeking a career in Accountancy. In this program, we give you the option to choose and build your own training program. You decide which software you want to learn, the duration of the entire course and also the days you want to come in for the training.

The training is delivered at one to one. You have dedicated tutor support, who is a qualified accountant. They help you to build up your skills and knowledge through real documents and presentations. You are given course notes and real scenarios throughout your training program.

We do understand that there is a gap in the theoretical knowledge and actual work you have to do in your job role.

That is why the employers are seeking employees with practical Experience, who have worked on real documents and invoices.

We will help you in bridging the gap by giving you practical work experience on real client files from industry sectors like, Construction, IT, Education, Charity, Clothing ,Manufacturing and many more.

Please read carefully the course description, follow the 3 steps

Just imagine a training program.

1. Choice of software ,

2. The material and scope of training,

3. Industry you want to train on,

4. Duration of the training,

5. Days you want to come in for the training,

6. Location you want to choose, between central and west London

7. Daily training start and finishing time

YES! We know we got you excited.

Just follow the three steps

1. Choose the software of your own choice to train on, from the list of software listed below:

2. Choose the Scope of your training :

3. Choose the location :

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