Top 5 Reasons To Recruit An Apprentice


5 Reasons to recruit an apprentice

The national apprenticeship service website states that 96% of employers that take on an apprentice report benefits to their business and 72% of businesses report improved productivity as a result of employing an apprentice.

Businesses that offer apprenticeships think that they help with their long-term development. According to the British Chambers of Commerce, businesses usually employ an apprentice to improve the skills available within their organisation.

Apprenticeships are boosting productivity by helping businesses to expand the skills available in the organisation. The average person completing an apprenticeship increases productivity by £214 a week. These gains include increased profits, lower prices and better products.

With zero recruitment fees and fully government funded training throughout the duration of the apprenticeship there are no up-front costs involved when recruiting an apprentice. An apprentice wage with KBM Training and Recruitment starts at as little as £150 per week.

Recruiting an apprentice with KBM Training and Recruitment couldn’t be easier with our 3 easy step process and talent match service. We will ensure that you receive a hassle free zero cost service from day one. You simply select the apprentice you would like to recruit and we will organise the rest.

KBM Apprenticeships provide technical support in finding the best candidate suitable for your business. We have been able to engage a wide range of candidates ranging in different sectors. With our extensive networks across UK we have provided recruitment solutions to many businesses.

WE use an electronic portfolio system to reduce paperwork and aid regular contact.

In the current economic climate taking on an apprentice is a cost effective way to increase your workforce and provide government funded training to a nationally recognised standard.

  • "We GET more from our business as a result of having an apprentice as part of our team."
  • 81% said employing an apprentice generated higher overall productivity for their business.
  • "Apprentices have a positive impact on people carrying work and doing a good job for us."
  • 92% said apprenticeships led to staff being more motivated and increased job satisfaction.
  • "Apprentices tend to stay with us for longer"
  • 74% said apprenticeships tend to have greater loyalty to the business and remain with them longer than other employees.
  • "Employing apprentices gives us an advantage over our competitors"
  • 81% of consumers favour businesses that use apprentices within their workforce.

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