Key Talent Match Service


Key Talent Match Service

Find the right candidate to do the job...

KBM Apprenticeships was developed for businesses to acquire the right amount of emerging talent to ensure that they have the skilled workforce needed to remain competitive in the future. KBM Apprenticeships is well aware of the fact that university education does not brings a guarantee success in finding the job. We have designed programs which polishes a person's skills and abilities. These skills are helpful in landing your dream job alongside qualification.

KBM Apprenticeships is there to fulfil your recruitment and training needs by finding the best candidate for your business. Together we can plan and implement your talent acquisition strategy to ensure that business gets the high rate of return on investment. All selected candidates are required to complete a 5 stage recruitment process which ensures that you are only interviewing the candidates most suited for your culture and needs.

The KBM Apprenticeship programs are designed to enable the candidate to polish their skills and begin to contribute to your business as soon as possible. We provide one-to-one consultations to our clients to understand their business needs and provide best candidate to do the job. This programme has four stages

Employers are often reluctant to hire candidates who are not fully trained or lack experience in the field. The 6-12 week work experience programme will allow you to assess the candidate and decide whether he will prove to be beneficial for the company before the contract of employment

KBM Apprenticeships are for the people who want to gain more in less time. Apprenticeships are a great way to get qualification along with valuable work experience. This is the stage where you make valuable addition to your team who fits best around your business environment.

KBM Advanced Apprenticeships are for those students who have decided to get experience alongside higher education. Through KBM Advanced Apprenticeships is a cost effective way to hire a mature passionate candidate which may prove to be an asset for your business.

KBM Higher Apprenticeship programs are for individuals who wants to progress towards a managerial role by getting required qualification and experience. This programme is best suited for the people who have completed KBM Advanced Apprenticeships and now would like to move up a ladder in their career.

Hiring apprentices with KBM Apprenticeships gives you the opportunity to explore the candidate at first before signing any sort of employment contract. KBM apprenticeships considers your business needs and provides you with your own personal consultant. You get the best candidate to support your business at a very low cost. You will be able to steer the training and apprenticeship program in a way which is best suited for your business. An apprentice usually stays with the business for atleast a year which means by the end of their apprenticeship they are trained enough to take on a position in a company which saves you training time, resources and money.

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