QuickBooks training

KBM brought for you QuickBooks practical training programme; whether you are new to QuickBooks payroll or wish to develop your skills and abilities, our training will teach you time-consuming techniques that make performing payroll a breeze.

As the demand for QuickBooks software increases, the demand for proficiency in using this software also rises in the business market. The small and large business also appreciates individuals having this education to control the payroll department effortlessly.

It is a fact that payroll requirements are confusing and frustrating for employers of all sizes. To help in such confusion and worries, QuickBooks features are useful in:

  • Generating checks
  • Calculating payroll tax
  • Calculating withholding pay liabilities
  • Creating reports with minor effort/built-in reporting
  • Tracking and calculating compensations
  • Paying state and federal taxes electronically

KBM's QuickBooks training will provide you with hands-on practical training so you can feel secure when using new accountancy skills. Our solution is packed with step by step practical activities and instructions. During QuickBooks training at KBM, you will gain master-level skills on all steps. You will learn how to:

  • Set up a payroll system
  • To access IRS info
  • Create new employee entries
  • Insert employee job and time cost data. 
  • Enter employers' time
  • Manage paycheques 
  • Manage tax sediment.
  • Up-to-date state and federal tax tables
  • troubleshoot general errors, mistakes and problems

Accidental mismanagement or uncertainty of the company's books often leads to undesired consequences. QuickBooks payroll provides skills training for the operators and the senior management to keep away from these pitfalls and assure you get the most from this software. The training courses comprise calculations, leave registers, data management, report writing and tax year-end administration.

What do you learn?

We will help you with important functionality to make proper use of QuickBooks. You learn how to:

  • Set up company details
  • Create a nominal ledger
  • Manage suppliers and customers
  • Entering posting transactions
  • Opening balances
  • Reconciling the bank
  • Applying/using corrections

QuickBooks training topics

You will learn but not limited to the following essential topics:

  • Entering building lists
  • Entering company details
  • Managing and setting up inventory & record product sales
  • Create invoices
  • Set up and manage bank accounts
  • Manage assets and liabilities
  • Deal with sales tax
  • Payroll management

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