ACCA training

Studying ACCA is Flexible. You can organise your study as per your schedule and anywhere. KBM will help you completing ACCA training in 2-3 years if you study full-fledged. If you are already working and want to get qualified to progress your career, you can study part-time, in-class or over the internet at your own pace. 

Unlike other professionals, ACCA provides a Diploma and a Degree as you progress in your levels. At KBM, we guarantee that our accountants have the skills, experience, and ACCA qualified to teach you the courses you want to do with us and pass the ACCA exams. We further guarantee our classes are of a high standard and meet students' needs and expectations to pass the exam. ACCA examines all our students and professionals and level, so we know how dynamic our services must match their standard of teaching and learning.

  • KBM's ACCA courses are planned and taught by tutors who draw upon extensive industry experience.
  • Study via recorded lectures, answers, and tests with feedback.
  • KBM Training and Recruitment is always happy to help and support students and professionals throughout the course, training and helping them find the dream job.
  • ACCA approved printed/online materials
  • KBM prepare mock exams and practise tests to check your progress to see if you are ready for the review and see if you need any support. 
  • KBM provide feedback so that you know which areas you need to learn so that next time, you can do it better.
  • KBM's ACCA courses are designed and taught by professional and experienced trainers who have extensive industry experience, and they are all ACCA members.
  • We offer the highest standard of learning support materials approved by the ACCA.
  • By sticking to our plan and exam preparation, you would like the ACCA courses 100%.
  • ACCA is an ideal course for students and professionals who enjoy a career in accountancy and finance or wish to become a Chartered Accountant. 
  • Once you have those, you are a step closer to the dream job you are looking for in accounting or non-accounting firms.


To obtain ACCA qualifications, you need to have an accounting or finance degree or are AAT qualified. If you are new, you can start the ACCA full qualification, but you must have the equivalent of 2 A-Levels or 3 GCSEs. You can begin on ACCA Knowledge before progressing onto the whole qualification. If you do not have any Accounting, finance or general qualification levels, it would be more difficult for you to sign up for the AACA course and do the exams.

 At KBM, we tell all our students and professionals that ACCA qualification opens many career opportunities, from working for a global accountancy firm to banking, external auditing or corporate finance. 

Once you become a member of ACCA members, you can expect the salary to increase significantly, with newly qualified members earning up to £40,000 plus benefits in the UK within Accounting.

ACCA diploma in accounting & business

  • Accountant in Business
  • Management Accounting
  • Foundation in Professionalism
  • Financial Accounting

Why study with KBM?

  • Industry expert Tutors are available via phone, email and online.
  • Book an appointment with us to discuss the exams of how we can help you pass them and make a strategy to match your needs and expectation
  • ACCA qualified tutors are supporting you and preparing you for the exams.
  • Learn as a group or learn individually as well.
  • Flexible payments
  • We have flexible hours in our study plan
  • Open five days a week in our Birmingham office and London is seven days a week.
  • By following our plan and study session, we can guarantee you will pass the ACCA exams. 

What will you get once you sign up for KBM?

  • Printed course materials and online eBooks
  • Hands-on experience on ACCA
  • The one-to-one session, group session and private session are always available.
  • Access our training centre in Birmingham and London to revise or need extra help for exam preparation.
  • Personalised individual study plan we create for our students and professionals to manage their time more efficiently.
  • Practice tests and quizzes are always available at KBM Training and Recruitment to prepare for the exam that will come up.
  • Provide extra support for the ACCA courses and additional support for preparing for the exams.

ACCA certifications benefits

The ACCA is a well-rounded qualification that provides exposure in financial reporting, business and corporate law, taxation and performance management. The ACCA benefits will include:

  • A qualified accountant with worldwide recognition
  • Developing a career in accounting and finance 
  • Improving earning capacity 
  • Increasing accounting and business knowledge

With ACCA qualifications, you will be an attractive asset to employers. Employers worldwide look for ACCA members as leaders of their business to sustain success. It helps them manage their accounts and comply with the HMRC rules and regulation. In this scenario, the ACCA certification has become essential to have or get because employers are looking for a person to help their business flourish and comply with the HMRC.

Through the ACCA certification, you can become strategic thinkers with high ethical integrity, a solid financial knowledge base, and the business expertise that employers constantly demand and help grow the business together. 

At KBM, we help students and professionals to obtain ACCA certification if they have not previously done. We want them to widen their Accounting and Finance expertise, learn all the ins and outs of an accountant and other job roles. Once you complete the ACCA certification, your journey in Accountancy will be flawless with the assistance of KBM Training and Recruitment. The journey of becoming ACCA certified takes you through a combination of exams, ethics and Accounting experience.

As an ACCA approved, you can make a difference in today's fast-track business world. At KBM, we assure you that your journey towards ACCA certification is perfect. We make sure our students and professionals are aware of what they have to do to get the qualification. We always support our students' journey to AACA because we want the best out of them to find their dream job in Accounting and finance sectors.

Pathway after the ACCA certification

  • You will become a member of the world's most global accountancy body. 
  • The "ACCA letters" means you are globally recognised and show employers that you work at the highest professional and ethical accounting awarding body.
  • Open avenues to many opportunities in the Accounting career. 
  • The ACCA certification is respected globally and will help you available avenues wherever your career goals take you. 
  • It gives you the flexibility to look out into new accounting and non-accounting sectors and develop new skills throughout your career.
  • Get support throughout your journey. 
  • You get access to world-class resources, forums and advice all while you're studying at KBM Training and Recruitment and throughout your career as well. 
  • At KBM Training and Recruitment in Birmingham, we assure you that you have the certification; for students and professionals, we want to have the accounting software experience and industries experience to find the job as soon as possible without any delay.

High calibre & experienced tutors team

KBM tutors cover many aspects of finance and business; accounting is a diverse and challenging course to study, which sees many students turn to tutors for additional support. Our tutors have a high ranking in their ACCA studies. They are well versed in the subject to help you in accountancy training at KBM. Our Accounting tutors have degrees in Accounting or a related subject and will tailor the lesson to suit your requirements. No matter your needs, you can be sure we have an expert Accounting tutor that's right for you and will help you achieve the goals you want with your studies.

KBM has the highest reputation for the high-quality accounting courses, practical accounting training we offer and helping and guiding you to find the proper job role in the Finance Sector. We know that many people like you in Birmingham are looking for a job in accounting. We see the problem you face when applying for these accounting jobs and roles either; you have no practical experience, software experience, finance work experience or no accounting qualification at all. 

At KBM, we are here to assist you in getting what you are looking for to get the job role you want in the accountancy sector; it has many benefits when working at KBM. You will learn various accounting course with us, and they are accredited either by AAT or Skills first. 

Once you have passed the exams, you would have a certificate in AAT or Skillsfirst to show you have studied different accounting courses from our business. Once you have completed the academic course, we move on to doing practical accounting training. You will learn different accounting software like; Sage, Xero, Excel and Quickbooks, and other clients sectors.

Learning at KBM

Our training is flexible as we are open seven days a week in our London centres from 10 am to 6 pm, and in our Birmingham centre, we are open five days a week from 9 am to 9 pm. 

You can book what days you want to come in for the training; you can book for 4 hours, 6 hours and 8 hours a day. 

Our trainers are always available for preparation and assistance if you have any question at all. We have an online E-portfolio for you once you sign up, where you have 24 hours access to book a training session, different classes we offer, performance review and CV review. This portfolio shows how well you are doing and for us to see if you need any help either in training or for one of our courses. We have an online app to operate our E-portfolio computer, laptop, tablets, android, and iPhone.

KBM uniqueness 

  • KBM has contributed to the accounting sector for over 30 years; we guarantee your success.
  • All our trainers are ACCA members and industry and software experience.
  • We are always there for you if you need any help from us, either contacting us by phone, email, text or video chat if you need an assistant at all.
  • Our methods and course materials are the best; training is done hands-on and done in different sessions, one-to-one sessions, and group sessions.
  • There are no hidden charges at all for our course and training price. Always beat our competitors in our pricing for the course and practical training.
  • KBM Training and Recruitment is an industry-standard; your passport to a better career.
  • The recruitment team helps and advice our trainee to find the perfect jobs for them.
  • Update your CV
  • Update recruiter profile (REED, INDEED, JOBSITE and many more). We tell you what to put on your profile, what you should say and what job you should get.
  • Provide you with reference
  • Help and guide you to find the proper job role for you in Finance. This depends upon the training you have done and the experience you have.

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