Business Administrator (Level 3) Apprenticeship at KBM

The knowledge, skills and behaviours of a business administrator are highly transferable and applicable to all sectors. It includes small and large businesses from the public, private, and charitable sectors. The apprenticeship programme will prepare you to work within a team or independently. You will involve in developing, implementing, maintaining and improving the administrative services of an organisation. On the other hand, you will gain skills and behaviours to support your progression to management roles. 

Job roles

This apprenticeship programme will make you capable of performing various job roles like: 

  • Secretary
  • Receptionist
  • Administrator
  • Personal assistant
  • Office supervisor/team leader
  • Office manager
  • Office assistant

You will support and engage with various organisation parts, including interaction with internal and external customers. The role will add value and contribute to organisational efficiency by supporting functional areas and working within a team to resolve issues. The flexibility and responsiveness of your role will develop a broader range of skills. As a business administrator, you will deliver responsibilities efficiently with integrity and positive attitude. 

Alongside, you will adopt a proactive approach in the demonstration of excellent written and verbal communication skills. You will show:

  • Initiative
  • Managing priorities and time
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Decision-making
  • Managing people through mentoring or coaching


You can complete this apprenticeship programme from 12 to 18 months.

Entry requirements

You must achieve Level 2 English and Maths before taking the end-point assessment, if not already completed.

Learning outcomes

Business administrator level 3 apprenticeship programme will provide you with the skills as a learning outcome.

Information technology: The programme will give you skills in various IT packages and systems. So you will use your skills in writing letters or emails, developing proposals, performing financial processes, data recording and analysing.

Recording and producing document: You will become capable of producing accurate records and documentation like letters, emails, payments, files, proposals, and reports. The programme will equip you for maintaining files/documents and handling confidential data.

Decision making: You will exercise proactiveness and good judgement while making decisions effectively on proper reasoning. It will prepare you to deal with challenges in a mature way. 

Interpersonal skills: As a business administrator, you will develop and maintain professional relations with your team. You will become competent to influence and deal with challenges appropriately. 

Communications: The programme will develop good communication skills. You will use these skills face-to-face, telephonically, written or using digital platforms. Alongside, you will apply appropriate social media solutions. You will represent an organisation or department for answering internal and external questions.

Quality: You will complete your tasks by applying your expertise to high-quality standards, which will also continuously improve your output. Alongside, you will become capable of reviewing processes autonomously and give improvement suggestions while sharing best administrative practice across an organisation.

Planning and organising: You will initiate and complete the given tasks while managing time and priorities to meet deadlines promptly. The programme will prepare you to suggest improvements in working practice, understanding implications and impacts on clients, suppliers, and customers. You will involve in resources management like equipment or facilities. On the other hand, your role will include organising meetings and events and recording meeting minutes. The logistics arrangement, including travel and accommodation, will come under your part.

Project management: The programme will help you applying project management principles and tools; you will assist in planning, monitoring and reporting. Hence you can plan resources to deliver projects successfully. 

Knowledge and behaviour

You will demonstrate your in-depth knowledge and behaviour in a business environment. The programme will prepare you to understand organisational aims, values, vision, purpose, and activities. You will know how you fit within a team and recognise your skills to help you progress your career. You will apply your understanding:

  • On stakeholders management by applying your practical knowledge. The stakeholders can consist of internal and external customers, clients, and suppliers. 
  • On application of laws and regulations
  • On internal and key business policies of the organisation
  • On applying business principles like business finances, managing change, and project management
  • On organisation's processes like payments and customer data processing
  • On external factors like market forces, policy & regulatory changes, supply chain etc.

On the other hand, you will behave professionally, demonstrate your presentation, and encourage diversity, respect, and respecting. You will show exemplary valued qualities like reliability, self-motivation, integrity, proactiveness. Alongside, you will be able to accept changing priorities of your work and organisation. The programme will make you capable of taking the initiative to develop your own and others' skills and behaviours.


Successful completion of a business administrator level 3 apprenticeship programme is a gateway to further career opportunities like management or senior support roles.

Post completion tracking/support

After your programme completion, we will keep providing you with support on employment, the job market, and other help if needed.                

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