Payroll administrator level 3 apprenticeship at KBM

Payroll administrators set up and operate payroll of employer organisation or on another organisation's behalf. The payroll job is existing everywhere. It can be within bookkeeping or accounting practice, a professional services company, and a business, organisation, or payroll bureau. The payroll job is a part of HR or finance functions of an organisation where their duties include:

  • Developing, gathering, and payroll processing to ensure employees timely payments with accuracy. They process payroll through payroll software, but they must have the capability to perform it manually
  • Compliance on the legislative and contractual requirement
  • Payroll information/deadlines and internal and external reporting
  • Effective correspondence and communication with employees and stakeholders
  • Working in a legislative and regulatory environment, which is constantly changing. Payroll personnel must work in light of ethical and professional standards.

Job roles

This programme will prepare you for multiple jobs, including:

  • Payroll advisor
  • Payroll executive
  • Payroll analyst
  • Payroll junior
  • Payroll assistant
  • Reward administrator
  • Bureau administrator
  • HR and payroll officer
  • Payroll administrator
  • Payroll officer
  • Payroll clerk

We will provide you with an actual practical accountancy workplace KBM Chartered Accountants & Registered Auditors, where you will gain payroll/accountancy work experience. It is a real office, our chartered accountants and high calibre trainers will supervise your work. KBM will allow you to apply your knowledge practically on original files. Hence, the KBM apprenticeship programme will make you competent to work independently.

On the other hand, we always focus on digital accounting. Our certified experts will help you learn various payroll software like Sage, Xero, and Quickbooks etc. 


You can quickly complete this programme within 18 to 24 months.

Entry requirements

If you are without English and Maths level 2, you have to achieve this level before going towards the endpoint assessment. 

Learning outcomes

You will become capable of processing payrolls accurately and timely and learn various activities to encounter during payroll processing, including employment and pensions, legislative framework surrounding payroll, devolution in the UK etc.

The payroll and pension have an intrinsic link with each other. You will gain competence on the pension landscape because it affects payroll like different schemes types, the UK tax relief systems etc. On the other hand, you will gain a broader understanding and appreciation of the workplace structure, pensions and auto-enrolment. It will include applicable rules, roles and administration responsibilities in light of the pensions’ regulator.

You will understand the payroll's technical aspects for an accurate calculation of gross to net pay, statutory payments and deductions, including voluntary deductions.

Boosting skills and behaviours

You will plan, organise and prioritise your workload and time to achieve results successfully within the deadlines. It will prepare you to performs positively in pressure situations and respond to necessary changes.

The programme will prepare you to analyse your payroll knowledge and apply it correctly at the workplace. You will become competent to judge and interpret information for making effective decisions on data processing. 

The training will prepare you to identify and use the appropriate work processes and systems to complete your tasks. You will become capable of writing letters and emails. Further, you will input, analyse and prepare a report on payroll data. Alongside, you will learn software including MS Office and payroll software like Sage and Xero.

You will effectively apply your payroll knowledge to deliver high quality and accurate data promptly. The payroll apprenticeship programme will prepare you to use workplace systems and processes. They will help you in providing high-quality services to your customers on various payroll requirements and queries.

Team working and collaboration is important payroll segment. The programme will help you recognising your team role and its impacts on your team members. You will learn how to collaborate and support other colleagues within your team. It will help in achieving good results and also prepare you to work independently. 

Communication and engagement is another essential segment. You will become capable of liaisoning with payroll bodies and stakeholders like pensions regulator and HMRC. You will work on queries professionally and efficiently, which ensure your positive relationships with the bodies.

Ethics and integrity are the centres of payroll management. You will ensure your truthfulness and sincerity, confidentiality, and interactions at all times. 

The apprenticeship programme will prepare you for adaptability. You will listen, learn and adopt changes positively. Alongside, you will maintain flexibility on high professional standards in this changing environment.

You will develop and upgrade your knowledge and understanding through research, professional courses, and workplace learning. Professional development is always helpful in payroll management like other professions.


At completion, you will become eligible as a student affiliate of the “global payroll association (GPA)”. You will also obtain student membership of a professional body “chartered institute of payroll professionals (CIPP)”. The successful completion of the programme makes you eligible to apply for individual affiliate membership of GPA and associate membership of CIPP. 

On the other hand, you will have progression opportunities to more senior job roles like manager, supervisor and team leader within payroll. You can also move to allied job roles in HR, finance or pensions departments.

Post completion tracking/support

KBM will keep in touch with you even after your apprenticeship programme completion. We will provide you with the support on the job market, employment, and other help you may require. 

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