Credit Controller & Collector Level 2 Apprenticeship programme

This apprenticeship programme will make you capable of managing and monitoring customer accounts and follow the organisational policies to collect owed monies while meeting work quality targets. You will gain skills about interaction with clients/customers who have not paid or reached credit limits while maintaining good long term relationships. Your credit controller and collector role will include:

  • Proactively contacting customers
  • Process credit applications
  • Agreeing on credit terms 
  • Allocating and cash
  • Payment arrangements
  • Resolving straight-forward disputes
  • Monitoring payment
  • Debt support
  • Recommending write-offs
  • Invoicing

Job roles

Completion of the apprenticeship programme will prepare you for many job roles, including:

  • Credit controller
  • Credit collector
  • Agent third party collection
  • Credit representative
  • Accounts receivable credit controller
  • Collections agent


This apprenticeship programme completion time is 12 to 18 months.

Entry requirements

This apprenticeship programme has no qualification requirement. However, you will need to complete if you are without level 1 English and Maths. Before completion of your apprenticeship programme, you will take the test for level 2 English and Maths.

Outcome on knowledge, skills and behaviours 

Credit management: The apprenticeship programme will give you a comprehensive understanding of credit management and collections principles. You will learn various techniques like credit terms; external information sources use, credit scoring; and handling vulnerable customers’ policies.

Regulatory and compliance: You will gain knowledge and skills about the legal, regulatory, risk and compliance framework. It will also include understanding of relevant risk and compliance like:

  • Treating customers fairly
  • Data protection
  • Financial compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fraudulent transactions (anti-money laundering)
  • Credit management policies

Industry and organisation understanding: You will understand professional standards, organisation nature and its priorities. Alongside, you will work with the different organisation areas, such as Sale. 

Products and services: This apprenticeship programme will provide you with the products and services understanding. It will give you a proper understanding of the delivery of the organisation's products and services. 

Systems and processes: You will learn systems, tools, and techniques, including IT tools.

Service delivery: You will learn how to deliver excellent service to clients and customers. On the other hand, you will gain an understanding of the organisation's systems and processes. You will learn how to contribute to individual and team objectives. Other roles include:

  • Organisational values compliance
  • Keeping proper communications record  
  • Standards and regulatory compliance

Work planning: You will become competent in organising your accounts and task completion within the deadlines, including tracking customer accounts. 

Teamwork: You will develop and maintain professional working relationships within teams and other business areas. Alongside, you will support others to achieve positive results.

Communication and relationship building: The apprenticeship programme will make you capable of communicating with customers and colleagues effectively. You will use strong interpersonal skills, a range of media and language. The role demands building good relationships with customers. Alongside, the programme will prepare you for handling complex and sensitive situations properly. 

Negotiation and decision making: You will gain skills how to identify mutually acceptable solutions to credit issues. 

Continuous improvement: The programme will provide the capability of identifying opportunities for improving working practices and implementing changes successfully.

Personal development:  You will develop your capability through your personal development while working with your superior. Alongside, your role will need to keep up-to-date with changes.

Honesty and integrity: You will demonstrate trustworthiness, sincerity, and truthfulness in your role. Alongside, you will show integrity by doing the right thing and maintain confidentiality at all times.

Flexibility: You will learn about flexibility and adapt to positive changes in work priorities and patterns. 

Resilience: It will make you capable of displaying enthusiasm and energy. You will learn about dealing positively with setbacks and staying positive when under pressure.


This apprenticeship is an entry-level role. The programme will make you fully competent in the credit controller and collector role. You can continue to develop your career within the organisation through various pathways. The pathways will include:

  • Credit risk analyst
  • Senior credit controller and collector
  • Credit manager
  • Team leader

On the other hand, you can study the suggested CICM qualification. So you will become an affiliate member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management. The affiliate member is a pathway for the full qualification of a credit manager. Hence, you will become a full professional member of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management.

Post completion tracking/support

Our support team will remain in contact with you even after the completion of your programme. KBM will continue providing support on job market opportunities, support on employment or any other help you need.

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