Self-assessment returns

Self-assessment return is also known as SA100. These are significant returns for an individual to fill and submit to HMRC. SA100 includes all the taxable income you make from various sources, like:

  • Foreign
  • Capital gains 
  • Salary
  • Rental

Usually, an accountant or bookkeeper prepare your SA100 self-assessment returns. Self-assessment returns training focuses on tax returns for individuals, but it is equally essential for bookkeepers and accountants to offer services to their clients. HMRC has strict rules about the returns submissions, and every individual has to comply with the laws.

KBM Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors is ACCA recognised Gold Level employer. Our chartered accountancy office is a place where you will learn everything about self-assessment returns. Our high calibre chartered accountants will help you through practical training. You will work on actual files with varying income sources such as:

  • Cab drivers
  • Dentists
  • GP services individuals 
  • Nurses doing their tax returns
  • IT Contractors
  • Construction workforce affected by CIS regime
  • Learn about PPE relief 
  • Capital gains tax management
  • Implementing a tax allowance and using tax-free income by HMRC

Training method

You can enrol for face to face/classroom training at our centres across London and Birmingham. On the other hand, we also provide online training. The online self-assessment returns (SA-100) training is perfect as class-based. If you choose online, our dedicated tutor and accountants will train you online via interactive sessions.

Training overview

You will have an insight into the implementation of tax policies in practical commercial circumstances. SA100 practical training will cover everything, starting from personal income tax to corporation tax. During the course, you will gain an understanding of income tax matters and SA100 rules. Alongside, you will become capable of preparing various forms like SA100, 105, 104, 103 and 102. We provide you with an understanding of numerous reliefs and their application to tax liability. 

The actual files we will provide you will give you the best training experience. That's mean you study theory and apply it practically at the same time to our client's financial situation. Furthermore, you will fill the returns using tax filing HMRC system/software such as tax calc or tax filer. This practical training course is perfect if you are working in finance, looking for a finance job or running your private business, or gaining a new skill.

SA100 (self-assessment tax return) preparation

During the practical training at KBM, our finance experts and certified accountants will help you learn about:

  • The registration with HMRC for process the tax return
  • UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number issuing
  • Identifying income sources 
  • Building up the bookkeeping 

Upon having complete receipts and expenditure detail, you can submit them to HMRC electronically. 

Self-assessment return training importance

As per the Government rules, companies’ directors and self-employed persons submit their tax return each year. The individuals running a business will understand the preparation and submission of the tax return by themselves. The outcome will include saving money on account of paying money to an external agent. You can further save money because of the understanding of tax deduction application. 

Statistical survey shows that over 60% of taxpayers don't know how to do tax return correctly. They lose money for not knowing about the application of a tax rebate successfully. On the other hand, if you want to become a tax services provider, this training will increase your job or business prospect.

Training content

Choosing KBM will make you capable of the preparation and submission of SA100. You will learn through real case scenarios and cover the following aspects:

  • Identification of tax returns types as per individual taxpayer requirement 
  • HMRC rules and regulations knowledge
  • Self-assessment tax returns computation
  • Meeting deadline  
  • The computing of tax liability for sole traders or individuals 
  • Understanding the directors responsibilities when drawings or using the same bank account for personal and business purposes
  • How to deal with allowable and disallowable expenses for tax computation 
  • Introduction to UTR 
  • Introduction to NI classes
  • HMRC tax return submission procedures
  • Payment classifications 
  • Class 2 & Class 4 NIC analysis
  • Personal allowance and CIS deductions analysis
  • Analysis fo income from Self employments 
  • Trading reliefs calculations
  • Analysis of employment benefits 
  • Fill in P11Ds
  • Car & Fuel benefits analysis, mileage claims and computation of real income for tax purposes
  • Savings analysis, 
  • Investment income analysis
  • Tax implications
  • Taper relief and its implications
  • Capital gains tax analysis 
  • PPE relief implications
  • Inheritance tax analysis 
  • Administering tax 
  • Understanding of payment the procedure
  • Administering national insurance contributions (NIC)

Digital accounting/software practical training

You will have an extra edge while training at KBM. KBM will make you capable of digital accounting. We will provide you with an opportunity of extensive practical training in accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, Sage CIS, IRIS, Sage Payroll, Sage One, Sage 50, and Advanced Excel. 

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