IRIS training

IRIS' is a leading accounting and taxation software. It is famous for increasing the efficiency, practice, and productivity of businesses. IRIS will be an ideal choice to make you less stressed and easier. You must know that over 21,000 UK accounting organisations trust IRIS as a key player in running their businesses. It includes 90 of the top 100 ranked accounting organisation in the UK. IRIS is simple, stress-free and time-saving software. 

IRIS accounting software assists business in running their daily accounting tasks. KBM has the honour of providing IRIS software hands-on practical training to thousands of accounting and finance students. You will complete your IRIS training at our accounting workplace/firm "KBM Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors". ACCA recognises the firm as its Gold Level employer. Our high calibre accountants and finance experts will supervise and help you complete your IRIS training. After your IRIS training course, you will become capable of working on various accounting job roles; some of them are:

  • Accountant
  • Assistant accountants
  • Credit controllers
  • Bookkeepers
  • Account payable managers
  • Payroll officer

Every small, medium or large organisations can use IRIS. The solution is easy to install and use. It provides all the business functionalities needed to grow. The software is suitable for both accountants and business owners. It offers the following facilities:

  • Ledgers for sales and purchases
  • VAT returns preparation
  • Ledgers for assets and bank accounts 
  • Payroll management
  • HMRC submissions and compliance

By choosing KBM for IRIS training, you will learn the best use of the IRIS accountancy software for your organisation. You will learn the advanced software features, which include real-time information also.

IRIS certification is your pathway to the business, improving your reputation in terms of quality and service delivery. Most importantly, you will start a continuous improvement process. It will bring your company medium-term cost savings and quality enhancements along with your supply chain processes.


IRIS is highly demanded and suitable for:

  • Unemployed/looking for a job role in accounting and finance
  • Those looking to change their careers towards accounting and finance
  • Those have some accounting or finance qualification without practical experience
  • Those with overseas experience but no work experience in the UK 
  • Individual who are new to digital/computerised accounting
  • Small business owner and entrepreneurs, looking forward to continuing their accounts in reducing the cost
  • Training or upskilling of employees for IRIS 
  • Accountants looking to establish their accounting practice organisation

Payroll registration with HMRC

You will learn how to:

  • Set up a company on IRIS accountancy software
  • Develop personnel and employee records while using global changes
  • Deal with leavers and starters.
  • Enter values of a year to date
  • Calculate advance holiday pay 
  • Holidays and absences record keeping
  • Prepare a complete payment submission to HMRC
  • Prepare the summary of employer payment
  • Report to HMRC
  • Print payslips
  • Run various reports at the end of the month
  • Record maternity and holiday pay
  • Record statutory payments
  • Finalise the payroll process on a weekly/monthly basis

Benefits of using IRIS

  • You can track and trace the reasons/explanations
  • Your accounts are entirely accurate; uploadable onto the accounts production system quickly.
  • Easy information exchange
  • Easy error correction
  • It provides a centralised database for HR information and records.
  • It provides consistency with job descriptions
  • It helps in making informed decisions because of comprehensive reporting
  • Input and retrieve data quickly; it has simple templates and forms 

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