BrightPay training

KBM is contributing over 30 years and preparing student and professional in the accounting and finance sectors. Among other accountancy segments, we keep our close focus on payroll training for beginners. The training course includes BrigthPay software learning. It will consist of pay calculation, fundamental knowledge of payment and legal requests.

BrightPay Payroll software is to help organisations manage and automate accounting tasks of employees pay. It includes recording staff details, working out salaries and deductions, sending payslips etc. BrightPay is developed using modern technology.

We will give you an opportunity of learning payroll/accountancy in KBM Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors. The firm is a Gold Level recognised employer of the ACCA. It is an actual accounting workplace where you will work and gain competence on original files. Our certified accountants will help you learning BrighPay and other accounting skills.

During the training at KBM, you will gain knowledge and skills about forms, process and procedures, and deadlines. We make sure our accounting students gain all trait and accounting work experience. It will help you in finding your accounting job and helps in planning your business.

You will gain command over the use of BrightPay payroll software. It helps in managing payroll easy and quick, and recognised by HMRC. BrightPay supports all RTI submission and the full auto-enrollment function. BrightPay also includes integration with accounting software and the ability to batch process, multiple employers, etc. =

The BrightPay training course will enhance your UK payroll system understanding and HMRC requirements. Our certified accountants and finance experts will make sure you understand the required concepts and theories and their application.

At KBM, you will gain a clear understanding of the employers about managing their finance daily. We will prepare you exactly as per the employers' expectation. KBM prepares students and professionals to meet the varied demand of employers across the United Kingdom. You will learn through the following topics for the BrightPay practical training course:

  • Monthly pay processing
  • New employees’ entries
  • Deductions practice
  • Student loan repayments,
  • Taxes
  • Attachments of earnings
  • Comprehend tax coding notifications
  • Tax codes meanings
  • HMRC submissions
  • Reports
  • Pension’s payment
  • Coding notices
  • HMRC payment
  • Schedule and journals
  • Payroll bright play
  • Payroll bright play leaver
  • Payroll
  • Year-end P60s
  • BrightPay conclusion
  • Rollback one or more employees from any period to any period
  • Flexible to tailor-made report
  • Live payroll calculation picture
  • Add unlimited payments and rates on a payslip
  • Additions, deductions, BIK, etc., on a payslip
  • Use calendar for entering annual sick leave, parenting leave, etc.
  • Helping employees of other departments

KBM offers a free of cost recruitment facility. We are a partner of top-notch recruitment organisations in the United Kingdom and worldwide. Hence our recruitment expert will help you in getting the right job for you.

We, KBM, are an authorised training provider from AAT, NCFE and SkillsFirst. On the other hand, IFA endorses us. We blend our training programmes with these renowned accounting bodies. KBM has the honour of preparing accounting professionals from junior to top managerial positions.

Choosing KBM is a key to a successful career in the accounting and finance sector.

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