Top 10 Reasons To Become An Apprentice


10 key points of becoming an Apprentice

The apprenticeships have become more popular and thriving in the last few years. Apprenticeship is a real-world experience that inspires students and professionals to get an extra edge in the job market and shows the employers they can hit the ground running!

Apprenticeship is the best choice for those who are keen to get started in the job market. It is an excellent method of gaining essential practical experience. Here, we share the top 10 key points why an apprenticeship is the best choice for you.

1) Learn while you earn

Apprenticeship offers a great opportunity by which you can get training and develop new skills and earn a fair amount of income. The minimum wage for apprenticeship is £​4.30 per hour, but many apprentices can significantly earn more income according to their age and experience.

2) Excellent career starter

The apprenticeship allows individuals to get practical training and develop new skills in the working environment and earn money. An apprenticeship is an excellent start to a professional career in the desired direction.

3) No University Debt

Those who started university could well face a debt by the time they graduate, but apprenticeship offers a debt-free direct route into employment. Your employers will be paying you to qualify instead. An apprenticeship is a great option that allows you to start training in a real work environment and gain experience, leading to a full-time job after completing your apprenticeship programme.

4) Gain valuable and practical experience

Apprenticeships help employers; they allow you to work in real-world environments providing an option to gain practical experience. You can earn from the experienced professionals on the job and get training from a college or training provider.

5) Guidance and support

On an apprenticeship with KBM Training and Recruitment, we will ensure you provide the support and complete guidance you need during your apprenticeship programme. Our team will contact you to make sure your training fits your requirements and provide you with the skills to perform your job.

6) Get the skills which employers are looking

The apprenticeship allows the business to grow their talent, so most employers now consider designing apprenticeships to meet their skills demand. Hence, you’ll end up with the experience and skills that employer’s want, which leads you towards your career progression.

7) Strengthen CV

Apprenticeship is an excellent choice when it comes to building transferable skills to gain the attention of employers. With an apprenticeship, you can achieve at least one year of experience in the industry by picking up particle working knowledge and skills that attract any employer.

8) Massive employment opportunities

Upon completion of your apprenticeship, you can enhance your employment opportunities. The latest survey shows that 9 out of 10 individuals who completed their apprenticeships either gained full or part-time employment.

9) Build your future

Apprenticeship provides you with the skills needed to progress your career to get in and go far in the industry. According to research, nearly a third of former apprentices have received promotion upon completing their apprenticeship, while almost half of the apprentice reported their pay rise.

10) Boost your confidence

The apprenticeship allows you to boost your confidence in a workplace, working and coordinating with different age groups and people by speaking with them within a company. During the apprenticeship, you can learn how to demonstrate your work and perform in boardroom meetings etc.

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