Digital Marketer (Level 3) Apprenticeship at KBM

A digital marketer works as a team member with the responsibility of the straightforward elements of a marketing campaign or plan, including briefs and instructions. Digital marketer report to marketing manager, digital marketing manager, or IT manager. The digital marketer role includes defining, designing, building and implementing digital campaigns across social media platforms for customer acquisition, engagement and retention. 

Job roles

Digital marketer level 3 apprenticeship programme will prepare you for many job roles, some of them are:

  • Technologist (digital Marketing)
  • Executive (SEO)
  • Analytics Officer
  • Executive (digital marketing)
  • Executive (digital campaign)
  • Executive (social media)
  • Coordinator (digital marketing)
  • Coordinator (content)
  • Assistant (email marketing)
  • Assistant (digital marketing)


The duration of the digital marketer level 3 apprenticeship programme is 18 months.

Entry requirements

It is perfect for those who have a passion for digital & social media and relevant experience. You will also need to pass an aptitude test on functional English and Maths.

Technical competencies

Written communication: You will gain skills and knowledge on written communication for various digital platform and audiences.

Research: It will prepare you to analyse and contribute information to the digital environment. These include short and long term digital communications campaigns and strategies.

Technologies:  You will become capable of recommending and applying secure, practical, and workable solutions using various digital tools and technologies on platforms and interfaces.

Data: You will analyse reviews and monitor online activity. Alongside, you will provide recommendations and insights.

Customer service: The programme will make you capable of responding to enquiries efficiently by using social media platforms and online tools.

Problem-solving: Here, you will apply structured methods to problem-solving, analysing, and resolving issues across digital technology.

Analysis: You will become competent to understand and develop basic dashboards by using proper digital tools.

Implementation: The programme will prepare you to develop and implement digital campaigns across various digital media platforms. You will apply specialist areas like search engine optimisation, search marketing, web analytics, email marketing, mobile apps, Pay-Per-Click, and metrics.

Digital analytics: The apprenticeship programme will make you competent to evaluate and measure digital marketing success. 

Interprets and follows: You will analyse and follow the latest digital media technologies developments, trends, plans, marketing, defined ‘customer standards’, and good marketing practices.

Digital marketing knowledge and understanding

At completion, you will become capable of understanding:

  • Coding principles
  • Customer relationship
  • Basic marketing principles application
  • Customer and client lifecycle application
  • About efficient teams working for digital marketing campaigns delivery 
  • Digital and social media strategies main components
  • The differences and similarities like positives and negatives for social media and digital platforms
  • How to respond the business issues, customer needs, and digital marketing
  • The integration of digital platforms with the working environment
  • How to follow the security levels to protect data across social media and digital platforms

Digital marketing skills, attitudes and behaviours

The digital marketer level 3 apprenticeship programme will provide you with:

  • The independent working ability and taking responsibility
  • Analytical, creative, logical, and problem-solving skills
  • Skills about how to maintain a productive, professional and secure working environment
  • The ability how to deal with external and internal people
  • The ability to take initiative
  • The ability to communicate in various situations effectively 
  • A thorough and organised approach


The digital marketer level 3 apprenticeship programme has recognition for entry on the Register of IT Technicians. So, upon completion, you will become eligible to apply for the registration.

At completion, you can apply to join as an affiliate (professional) membership of CIM (chartered institute of marketing) and associate membership of BCS.

Post completion tracking/support

KBM will help you even after your apprenticeship programme completion. You will receive support on employment, job market awareness, and other help you need. 

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