OCR Bookkeeping courses

Setting up companies Setting up a company either as a cash accounting scheme or a standard accounting scheme How and when to register for VAT

Choosing the chart of accounts that suits the firm's needs and how to customize it How double entry is applied in accounting software and how to customize the nominal ledger and nominal codes Setting up customers accounts

  • Process customers batch invoices, individual invoices and credit notes Suppliers accounts setup
  • Processing suppliers invoices and credit notes
  • Generate reports on invoices due, customer/supplier invoice activity
  • Performing error corrections
  • Allocating payments and receipts of cash in a business Allocating bank payments and receipts
  • Allocating Supplier/Customer Payments and Receipts Performing bank reconciliation
  • Processing the VAT return and reconcile the VAT return Submitting the VAT return to HMRC
  • Knowing how to deal with other VAT issues
  • Performing Debtor Analysis Credit control procedures
  • Candidates will perform Computerised Book-keeping, Bank Reconciliation & VAT Returns for various industry businesses, gaining a greater insight into accounting up to trial balance
  • Ø Raising Invoices and Printing Invoices.
  • Ø Raising Credit Notes and Printing Credit Notes
  • Ø Generating Remittance Advice.
  • Ø Producing Customer/Supplier Statements
  • Ø Tracing Overdue invoices with Age analysis.
  • Ø Generating reminder letters.
  • Ø Generating letters with legal notice.
  • Ø Setting up recurring entries.
  • Ø Producing and printing and entering customer/Supplier Orders.
  • Ø Stock Records, Stock Allocations and adjustment.
  • Ø Monthly management accounts adjustments.

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