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Over 30 years, KBM is contributing to the accounting and finance sector in the UK and worldwide. As a service provider, we pride ourselves on our values, creativity and management strengths.

We treat everyone equally with respect. We are fair, open and honest. Our equality and diversity commitment include all groups we work with must get the additional support and flexibility for success in the workplace. We have helped people from diverse background and culture.

At KBM, we have taken many key initiatives in accounting, finance, taxation, business administration, information technology, digital sectors, and ERP. We value high-quality delivery from our people and the students we train and place on jobs. We are committed to continuous improvement at all levels at KBM.

KBM has proud of achieving high excellence in our missions of training, development and services offered to our valued clients. KBM is dedicatedly providing you with the best training programmes across the UK and globally.

Our commitment is to produce the next generation of specialists and leaders in accounting, finance, taxation, business administration, information technology and digital sectors. KBM has the honour of preparing thousands of students and professionals in various accounting and bookkeeping job roles.

At KBM, you will gain qualifications accredited by AAT, NCFE and Skillsfirst. Alongside our KBM programmes, we will develop digital accounting skills; you will learn the most popular accountancy software such as Sage 50, Sage One, Sage Payroll, Sage CIS, IRIS, Xero, QuickBooks and MS Excel. Our team will also help you learn HMRC taxation and compliance.

We have established ourselves as a key player in digital accounting. We have the best people and combined them with a superior product to deliver on our promises to develop and prepare accounting professionals.

Uniquely, we provide an opportunity for accountancy work experience in our chartered accountant firm, "KBM Chartered and Certified Accountants." KBM will give you a chance for hands-on practical training. Our chartered accountants will supervise your work at our accountancy workplace. KBM Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditor is a recognised partner of the ACCA, and an ACCA Approved Employer at Gold Level.

Accounting work experience at KBM will fulfil your experience requirement for the job. It will also help you become a member of accounting bodies like AAT, ACCA, CIMA or CIPFA. Our chartered accountant will supervise your work needed to meet the Practical Experience Requirement (PER) of the accounting bodies.

Our focus is to bridge gaps between your academic knowledge and the practical aspects of a job. The bridging gap is ideal for you, whether you are a school leaver, graduate, or have other certified professional qualification. We took on this challenge to boost your employability potential and open career avenues to gain desired results. The recruitment team at KBM works hard to place candidates into the workforce through our guaranteed work placement programmes.

Our industry-recognised accounting and finance experts bring practical work-based experience to the training programmes. The 1:1 support we provide to our students is unmatched. Alongside study and practice, you will get valuable help for exams preparation. KBM's pass rate is over 97% every year.

We want to enable individuals and organisations to achieve extraordinary results through skills and development that matters in today's professional business market. Our ERP training enhances business skills, which place expertise in an individual and impact the enterprise to drive it forward.

As a professional dedicated to achieving this, I can say with complete conviction that what makes us exceptional are the experts and staff with an unrelenting dedication to getting our students and professionals trained and committing to helping them get placed in the industry.

We believe we are remarkable and providing quality training leading to building careers for our students and the economies in the larger picture.

KBM's corporate culture is a simple set of corporate values that explain how we operate every day with Care, Trust, Pride, and Innovation. It reflects how we interact with our customers, clients, stakeholder, colleagues, and communities.

I hope this provides you with reasons to get to know KBM better.

We are looking forward to how we can work together to bring service to life.

Thank you.

Chief Executive

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