Professional accounting/taxation technician (level 4) apprenticeship at KBM

After this level 4 apprenticeship programme, you will become capable of creating, verifying and reviewing financial information. You will understand how to provide accurate and timely financial information to your employer. Further, you will utilise your understanding of the business system, process, and standard accounting and tax practices. You can use your role in HMRC, accountancy practice, professional services company or other organisations. 

Job roles

After the apprenticeship programme; you will become capable of performing various job roles, including:

  • Commercial analyst
  • Senior bookkeeper
  • Senior financial officer
  • Payroll manager
  • Expenses supervisor
  • Accounts payable officer
  • Tax investigations officer
  • Assistant management accountant
  • Assistant auditor
  • Personal tax assistant
  • Assistant financial accountant
  • Business tax assistant
  • Bookkeeper


You can complete your programme within 18 to 24 months.

Entry requirements

It requires level 2 Maths and English equal to GCSE grade C or above. Otherwise, you will complete level 2 functional skills in English/Maths before completing the apprenticeship. 

Learning outcomes

The programme will prepare you for specialisms in accounting and taxation. During the programme, you will gain knowledge and skills of the core requirements of both specialisms. Further, you will also cover one out of two optional technical knowledge requirements. At completion, you will become competent to perform the following functions:

  • Technical knowledge (option 1 accounting): Through option 1, you will gain knowledge and skills about double-entry bookkeeping and accounting standards. It will make you capable of creating financial information reports. Alongside drafting financial statements, you will learn basic accounts preparation. On the other hand, you will gain specialist knowledge in other accounting aspects of accounting like tax and management accounting.
  • Technical knowledge (option 2 tax): Through option 2, you will understand core aspects of personal taxation, business taxation, and accounting principles. It will make you capable of preparing tax calculations and preparing government forms. You will also understand and learn compliance with paperwork, including filing documents and deadlines. The apprenticeship programme will also give you specialist knowledge of taxation, including business compliance, inheritance tax, VAT, corporate tax, and estates trusts.
  • Business awareness: This aspect will teach you about financial information. It reflects the purchase and sales transactions of products and services. You will understand the organisation's operations within industries and environments in which the organisation is operating. It will include supplier and customer needs, which help you in creating financial information/reports.
  • Ethical standards: Ethics and integrity are essentials of all accounting and finance professionals. Often, they verify financial information independently. It may affect individuals and organisations. Hence, it will make you capable of applying relevant ethical standards and behave appropriately.
  • Regulation and compliance: Accounting and taxation have a range of standards and rules so that you will learn their proper application. You will gain knowledge and understanding of how to apply legal regulations and professional standards to an organisation. It will also include compliance with the fundamental principles. The principles include integrity, competence, objectivity, confidentiality, and care.
  • Systems and processes: You will gain knowledge and skills about systems, process and controls. It will include a fundamental understanding of internal control systems, accounting or tax systems, and IT systems. Hence, you will become capable of understanding an organisation's systems and processes. You will also become competent to recommend appropriate improvements. Furthermore, depending on your role, you will also have external and internal audit's function understanding.

Boosting knowledge, skills and behaviours

At KBM, our high calibre tutors, certified accountants and finance professionals will help you through coaching and teaching. Hence, you will improve your knowledge, skills and behaviours to meet the requirement. It will include:

  • Knowledge: you will gain knowledge and understanding of accounting, taxation, ethical Standards, regulation & compliance, business awareness, systems and processes.
  • Skills: you will become capable of analysing, communicating, leading, team working & collaboration, planning, prioritisation, using systems and processes, and producing quality & accurate information.
  • Behaviours: It will include adaptability, ethics & integrity, proactivity, and value addition.


Completing the apprenticeship programme will make you eligible for registration with several UK professional accounting bodies. If you seek to become a member of an accounting body, you may need to fulfil other specific requirements of the professional body. You can take it as part of your apprenticeship programme at the employer's discretion.

Completing this level 4 apprenticeship will lead to receiving credits towards completing the apprenticeship or relevant professional bodies, chartered accountancy or taxation qualifications. You may also receive credits towards undergraduate degrees.

Post completion tracking/support

Even after completing your apprenticeship, we will continue to track you by offering support on surrounding employment and other careers advice. 

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