Assistant accountant (level 3) apprenticeship at KBM

Assistant accountants are to assist internal and external customers of an organisation. They work predominately as an assistant accountant or within the finance function also. Assistant account job role includes assistance in daily financial and accounting works like data entry for management accounts and preparing an organisation's financial statements. Further, they also help in financial regulatory requirements like completion of VAT returns and assist in tax computations preparation.

Job roles

This apprenticeship programme will prepare you for many job roles, some of them are:

  • Assistant accountant
  • Trainee accounting technician
  • Accounts clerk
  • Cashier finance assistant
  • Purchase ledger clerk
  • Sales ledger clerk


The duration of an assistant accountant level 3 apprenticeship is 15 to 18 months.

Entry requirements

It requires 5 GCSEs, including Maths and English. If you are without English or Maths skills, you need to complete functional skills level 2 before taking the end-point assessment.

Learning outcomes

The apprenticeship programme will provide you with the learning outcomes as described below.

Financial accounting and reporting: Through this component, you will understand the fundamentals of double-entry bookkeeping and accounting standards for processing financial documents and reporting financial information to accounts users. You will further gain the capability of preparing basic accounts to make necessary year-end adjusting entries. On the other hand, you gain skills in drafting final accounts preparation. You will learn about accounting purchase and non-current assets disposal. Financial accounting and reporting will also apply basic tax principles, current regulations about calculating VAT and its submission to HMRC.

Management accounting: It will include learning and understanding how to identify and use different accounting approaches. You will become capable of gathering, analysing and reporting information. The information will consist of income and expenditure, which will support decision-making, planning and control.

Business awareness: This study unit will help you understanding transactions processes and accounting functions within a company. Under these aspects, you will understand business strategy. The strategy includes the production of relevant and compliant financial information to meet the customer and supplier needs.

IT systems and processes: You will gain knowledge and understanding about:

  • Accounting transactions entries
  • Computerised accounting system
  • Performing a reconciliation
  • Correcting errors
  • Preparing reports 

Alongside, you will gain knowledge and skills about the organisation's systems and process, including payroll, sales, and purchase. You will understand the utilisation of relevant accounting software/solution as per your job role.

Ethical standards: This study component will help you understand the importance of upholding accounting codes of conduct. On the other hand, you will understand the ethical standards to protect you and your organisation's reputation and integrity. 

Boosting skills and behaviours

High calibre tutors, finance professionals and certified accountants will work with you and help you in coaching and learning. It will provide you with the improvement in your skills and behaviours to meet the apprenticeship requirement, which includes:

Analysis: Here, you will learn about the analyses of financial data, the organisation's standard tools and processes. It will help the organisation's decision-makers to decide and value addition to the organisation within the responsibility of your role.

Communication: You will learn how to communicate independently and as a team member in an organisation's standards. Further, you will demonstrate your capability of communicating verbally and in writing and at all levels. For internal and external customers dealing, you will use various tools and demonstrating strong interpersonal skills and cultural awareness. On the other hand, you will get competence on the communication of financial information with non-finance staff can interpret and understand.

Under the assistant account level 3 apprenticeship programme, you will get a complete understanding which will boost your skills and behaviours. It will include:

  • Producing quality and accurate information
  • Uses of systems and processes
  • Problem-solving
  • Embracing change
  • Adding Value
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Personal accountability
  • Productivity
  • Team working and collaboration


This apprenticeship programme will ensure your full competency as an assistant accountant. It will provide you with the progression foundation into various career pathways in the accounting and finance sector like corporate recovery analyst, credit controller, tax accountant or audit trainee.

Post completion tracking/support

KBM always keep in constant touch with you after completing your apprenticeship as well. We provide support on employment, job market updates and other careers advice. 

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