Income tax returns training

We bring for you the income tax returns practical training course. You will learn how to prepare and submit your tax returns to HMRC. AT KBM, you will understand the HMRC registration process and get a unique tax reference (UTR), which your tax identification number. You will learn how to compile details of incomes and expenditures. We will help you understand tax rebate, relief and refund also.

KBM has over 30 years of contribution in preparing accounting and finance professionals. Our firm KBM Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors will be your workplace for income tax returns training. The firm is ACCA recognised as Gold Level. Our chartered accountants and taxation experts will help you in the practical training. You will gain knowledge and understanding about the liabilities of taxpayers. The returns are annual documents, which taxpayers (businesses and individuals) submit in HMRC. The return includes information on:

  • Income
  • Interest
  • Wages
  • Dividends
  • Additional profit

The income tax return is essential for industries, organisations and self-employed persons. Income, wages, dividends, and profits perform vital roles that decide the current position and future development. 

The majority of organisations look for different professionals to deal with their taxation and accountancy matters. They help in easing out the stressful troubles of filing income tax returns. 

Employers always look for those professionals who have the proper education and experience background to save their time and money. The taxation professionals also provide consultation on tax matters. 

The course is perfect for those who are interested in a taxation career. The income tax return is one of the taxation parts. We are offering taxation courses for both students and professionals. 

The taxation training course at KBM will ensure that you are maximising your success chances in your pathway. AT KBM, you will be supported by qualified accounting/taxation experts who will help you in income tax returns training. 

On the other hand, we will provide you with an opportunity to learn accounting software like Sage 50, Sage Accounts, QuickBooks and Xero. Hence, you will become competent in digital accounting, which is essential in this modern era.

Study options

Classroom study options across London and Birmingham are available with KBM, Or you can also join our live learning campus. We run classes because of high demand; contact our adviser to explore more about our courses.

Taxation/accountancy work experience

You will gain training through our taxation experts and certified accountants at our accountancy workplace. Further, we will train you on real case scenarios/original files. It will enhance your level of competence and confidence. At completion, we will issue you with a taxation/accountancy work experience certificate. It will help you when you pursue a job in the accountancy and taxation fields. 

Course content

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of a bookkeeper or tax agent
  • Identification of returns types
  • HMRC tax return submission procedures
  • Taxes on profits calculation
  • UTR and NI classes
  • Analysing class 2 & class 4 NIC, personal allowance, self-employment income
  • Analysing employment, car and fuel 
  • Understanding of tax implications
  • Savings and investment income analysis
  • Capital gains tax analysis
  • Inheritance tax analysis
  • Payment and administration of tax and NIC
  • Drawings and dividends difference

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