Management accountant

Management Accountants perform a vital role in the overall progression and company performance. So you will go beyond numbers. It requires prediction, foreseeing and preventing organisations from deviating from their prime goals.

The majority of management accountants report to their managers or company management and prepare accounts and reports. The management accountants present a comprehensive report with commentary on accounting figures. They provide financial information to the business managers; the managers use this information for decision making for operations, productions and investment.

You will create budgets, which is an important role you will perform. It includes tracking internal costs, driving efficiency, and value for money throughout the company. Our training will help you to achieve the following capabilities effectively:

  • Preparing accounts confidently
  • Present comments on financial statements
  • Measure performance and growth planning
  • Business forecasting
  • Prepare budgeting, forecasting and variance analysis
  • Business planning
  • Accruals and prepayments computing and processing
  • Methods to use for risk management
  • Conduct review of balance sheet reconciliations
  • Risk aversion methods
  • Recommendation on improvements of accounting and finance systems
  • Use financial data and evaluate the company’s performance
  • Managing the performance management of assistant accountants
  • Monitoring of spending and budget
  • Recommendation on costs reduction and increasing profits
  • Payroll, bookkeeping, tax returns and accounting principles

Why choose KBM

KBM is contributing to preparing students and professionals from skill level to expert level. We are accredited by the AAT, NCFE, and Skillsfirst. The Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) endorses KBM. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is regulating KBM.

At KBM, we are constantly helping students and professionals to provide high-quality training and accountancy work experience with a top-notch recruitment facility in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Our high-calibre finance experts and accountants will supervise your management accounting training. KBM Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors is your workplace/office where you will complete the course. The ACCA recognises KBM as a Gold Level employer.

Digital accounting is the centre of our focus. Our programmes include hands-on accountancy training on software like:

  • Sage Accounts
  • Sage 50
  • Sage Payroll
  • Sage CIS
  • Sage One
  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • IRIS
  • Excel

KBM will provide you with a high-quality learning experience with convenience and comfort.  On the other hand, our programmes are flexible, which is very beneficial for both student and professionals. So you can learn about your daily life schedules.


The course is ideal if you have the following abilities:

  • Economics and accounting knowledge
  • Maths knowledge
  • Analytical thinking
  • Administrative skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Computer systems and applications understanding

Progression pathway

If you have practical work experience, you can become a senior-level manager, director of finance, CFO, or CEO. You can also work on self-employment as a management consultant

Training duration

The duration of the management accountant course is 2 months.

Average salary

You can earn up to £32,000 to £35,000 annually based on your experience.

Course contents

Management accountant training will provide you with the best techniques. It will equip you with comprehensive analytical skills on budgeting, forecasting and advanced management accounting.


  • Smoothing techniques
  • Trend analysis
  • Evaluation of forecasting techniques
  • Regression analysis
  • Expected values

Analysis of departments

  • Allocating invoices/costs
  • Developing departmental profit and loss
  • Expense analysis of departments
  • Balance sheet preparation for departments
  • Revenue allocation to different departments
  • Extracting various relevant reports
  • Creating departments in Sage

Project analysis

  • Creating projects in Sage
  • Defining resources in Sage
  • Allocation of invoices (sales, purchases and overheads)
  • Cost analysis
  • Profitability analysis

Product costing

  • Materials bill to finished products
  • Raw material costing
  • Creating finished goods
  • Stock movement in an Organisation
  • Product costing/pricing
  • Purchasing trends

Company performance analysis

  • Entering budget in Sage
  • Variance analysis of budgeted and actual
  • Period ending wizard
  • Historical variance analysis
  • Quarterly adjustments
  • Fixed asset register use


  • Project report
  • Product report
  • Departmental report
  • Company performance report

Business Analysis

  • Payback period
  • NPV
  • IRR
  • Profitability index

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