Apprenticeship Vs University


Apprenticeship Vs University

Deciding whether to select a university or go for an apprenticeship is a tough decision for your future with so much on the line. In the last few years we have seen a massive increase in apprenticeships and there is huge future value for the apprentices. If you accepted onto an apprenticeship program, you can start work for an employer, they will give you time off for study and you can also get paid for both.

Here are some points to be considered before choosing between apprenticeship and university.

Whether you get excellent marks in exams, don’t assume that university is your only next move because a lot of employers want to recruit students who are looking to enter the working world immediately. Through the university route you can target a wider range of careers. If you are not certain about the career you want to pursue, studying at university provides you the time and flexibility to keep your options open. If you consider the apprenticeship, a significant numbers of employers rate apprenticeships the most employable ahead of university graduates.

In universities there are a wide range of courses offered covering every discipline. According to the National Apprenticeship Service there are around 20 thousand apprenticeships on offer today, from accountancy and IT to law and journalism. Apprenticeship becoming the norm for young people who wants to gain their career gals through the alternative route to university.

A three year degree at any university would cost each student around £44,000 for tuition fees, other expenses and accommodation. But apprenticeships are free if you are under 25 your employer and the government will pay for your training. During apprenticeship you can earn while learn.

A university degree will net you around £1.6 million over the course of your career and an apprenticeship will allow you to command a combined salary of up to £1.5 million during your working life.

It’s up to you, take your time and think what route you want to take. University is not necessarily the best place to get started your career. Apprenticeships are more credible way to kick-start your career. Before taking decision talk to people who have done degree or apprenticeships and compare then make the right move.

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